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Business communications.

Never miss a call again.

Small office. Home office. No office.
To get a true mobile office, combine your business line
and personal line seamlessly on any device.

A cloud-based telephony solution that keeps your whole team connected and in touch with customers, no matter where their to-do list takes them.

A flexible telephony solution that ensures someone can always take that customer call – no matter where they are? No problem. A single contact number for customers to remember that gets routed to the right person wherever they are? Absolutely. Reduced costs and simplified billing all as standard? For sure! 


Small business owners wear many hats – marketing, bookkeeping, HR, sales – and recently they’ve had to add technology expert too. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the technology choices available to you to help improve productivity. But smart adoption of the right technology can save you time and long-term costs. Telephony is changing for the better – getting smarter and more affordable.


Work with the team of experts at Sasola to take some of those headaches away and help you keep ahead of infrastructure changes coming your way. The Sasola Cloud Telephony Solution eliminates the work and expense associated with a physical phone system with the added benefit of being able to grow as your business needs it and includes built in disaster recovery to provide complete peace of mind that all your important information is secure.

Never miss a customer call again – with one number and connect, every team member can take the business line with them. Separate numbers with a single voicemail, bill and mobile device.
What Clients Say
  • With Sasola Cloud Telephony, we can track every call, see the number called, and the duration of the call and most importantly who made it. We have much better accountability around this critical part of our business.

  • We’ve also eliminated the costs associated with calls to landlines and mobiles as these are now included in the Sasola call package.

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