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Sasola offers a range of cloud-based services that prove a platform for a smaller organisation: simple-to-use technology that helps you work smarter and enables you to present a professional face to the outside world. With our professional services and technical support, you are assured your business is growing from a secure foundation that will continue to handle your future needs.

Sasola Services - Business Telephone Systems Binfield Berkshire

Sasola Cloud Telephony with Mobile

A hosted solution that enables you to communicate like never before, giving you a great telephony experience across any device, employee, business partner, client and customer.
Sasola Services - Business Telephone Systems Bracknell Hampshire

Sasola Mobile

Buy business mobile phones, SIM or mobile broadband and enjoy excellent value for money with Sasola.
Sasola Services - Business Telephone Systems Bracknell Hampshire

Sasola Data/Broadband Services

Having the right connectivity solution that suites the needs of your business is crucial for your business to take advantage of the significant benefits of Cloud-based solutions and applications.
Sasola Services - Business Telephone Systems Bracknell Hampshire

Sasola Collaborate

Collaboration software tools that will improve productivity, increase collaborative team working, attract more diverse talent and speed up making business decisions.
Sasola WFO professional services

Sasola Professional Services

Sasola’s consultants, engineers, architects and project managers all have the depth of experience and knowledge of Workforce Optimisation required to deliver quality deployments and services without any hassle.

Free of Charge Communications Transformation Review

Sasola has recently launched an exciting new initiative running FOC Communications Transformation Reviews, designed to showcase their portfolio of communications solutions and provide you with an overview of the benefits Cloud Telephony and mobile could bring to your business.