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The difference is simple
Why choose Sasola?

At Sasola we are big believers at focusing on what you do well. For us that means being experts in telecoms and contact centers. For you that should mean focusing on your core business. We’re able to provide all the expertise you need to turn your outdated telephony system into an agile business tool that makes it easier and cheaper for you to get your job done while remaining connected with your team and your customers.


The difference is simple at Sasola, it’s the people and our ethics. For us that’s not a tagline – but a company value. We pride ourselves in keeping a small company “can do it” attitude and “will meet your requirements” approach. All our customers are individuals, all have different needs, all have different priorities, and all wish their suppliers could be a partner in their vision. Sasola are interested in your vision and will help where we can along the road to fulfil it.

About Sasola - Business Telephone Systems Bracknell, Hampshire

Reading-based recruitment consultants; being ‘always on’ is a business differentiator. “We often work with clients who have teams across the globe and in our competitive market we need to be able to flex our availability to meet the needs of our clients,” explains Ben, Managing Director. “I need my technology investments to give employees new capability and save money. With Sasola Cloud Telephony, we have more freedom to place people wherever the business needs them to be, rather than having technology limitations determine employee access.”

From Ben’s perspective, having a fully managed telephony platform makes his life easier. He eliminates the work and expense of a physical phone infrastructure. It’s easy to move employees around the office or between the office and home. “Scaling up and changing settings is very straightforward, we just contact Sasola and the job is done.”

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