Sasola Data/Broadband Services

Powerful and reliable data services is a critical requirement if you want to realise the benefits of Cloud such as greater scalability, more manageable costs, productivity and efficiency gains and getting rid of costly on-premise hardware. If your business is going to successfully build its operational model around cloud services and applications, it needs the connectivity to support that.

To ensure you choose the right data services for your business, make sure you select a data service provider that will take the time to understand your business needs and the types of cloud applications you will be using. For example, are you planning to have capabilities such as voice delivered over the Internet? What about business critical cloud-based CRM applications, or data storage? The team at Sasola will work with you to understand your needs and ensure you have the right connectivity solution to suite the needs of your business.

Business Broadband

  • Using a business-only network ensures traffic doesn’t have to compete with consumer traffic
  • The Sasola network is built so that it is geographically resilient and can easily accommodate businesses with multiple sites
  • Your data service should provide enough bandwidth to support your business and the cloud services/applications that you use (i.e. Azure, Office365, G-Suite)


  • Can deliver highly reliable, fast and secure connectivity with the added benefit of real flexibility to scale as your business grows
  • Your own dedicated and uncontended Ethernet services are suitable for cloud connectivity
  • A great solution for consolidating voice and data into one connection

Voice Networks

  • Smart connectivity is designed to deliver quality voice and data traffic, or the ability to prioritise certain types of traffic (i.e. voice) for optimal performance based on your business use needs
  • Offers you a high-performance network that delivers fast throughput (as opposed to headline speed) and minimised delay for business-critical scenarios
  • You benefit from a single point of contact for data and IP voice networks, resulting in less administration overheads

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